Treaty Line Pottery




     I began making pottery in 1995, after a career as a medical tech.  I studied ceramics at the University of Akron.  I also did workshops with Kevin Crowe, Bob Anderson and Jack Troy at Touchstone Center for Craft.  I  attend yearly workshops at Wooster Functional Ceramics.  My work was chosen by Warren MacKenzie to be in  Feats of Clay in 2002.  My pot was one of 73 MacKenzie chose out of 1200 submissions.  2002 was also the  first year my work was exhibited in Wooster’s Functional Ceramics gallery.  I was again represented at the Wooster Functional Ceramics exhibit in 2008.  in October of 2007, my work was represented in the University of Akron’s “All the Difference” exhibit. I was a featured artist in that exhibit.

     Treaty Line Pottery is located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country, Holmes County.  We purchased a gentleman’s farm and transformed it into a pottery and family retreat in 2002.  During the summer of 2003, Sharon Wagner, Mike Ohl, Daniel Steiner and I built an 100 cubic foot, two chamber Noborigama kiln.  It was quite an endeavor, but I am thrilled with the results of our wood fired and salt glazed pottery!

     We fire the kiln three times a year.  Each firing holds about 500 pots.  It is a long process that can take anywhere from 24 to 40 hours.  After a 12 hour preheat, we stoke the first chamber until it reaches 2400 degrees.  When we reach temperature there, we begin stoking in the second chamber. When the second chamber reaches approximately 2350 degrees, we add 10 pounds of salt during several stokes.  The lesson in patience begins then.  We must wait for 2 days, until the entire kiln has cooled before we open it up and see the results.

     The pottery is located at 6047 Township Road 501, Big Prairie, OH.  We are just 2 miles east of Nashville, Ohio and 11 miles west of Millersburg.  We are open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. .  We can be reached at 330-378-5358 or  You may also use the following link to find directions:  The pottery has also been added to the world map of wood fired kilns.


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